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The struggle is real

Woman, Businesswoman, Wife, Mother, Housekeeper… in which order? all at once?

Combining the challenges of entrepreneurship with the joys of motherhood, can be both fulfilling and demanding, as us women strive to strike a balance between nurturing our businesses and our beloved children.

Entrepreneurship is an adventure that requires immense determination and resilience. Women who embark on this journey exhibit remarkable courage in turning their dreams into reality. Balancing motherhood adds an extra layer of complexity, but history is filled with inspiring women who have managed to overcome these challenges. "The question isn't who's going to let me; it's who's going to stop me." - Ayn Rand

Many women turn to entrepreneurship seeking the flexibility that can be difficult to find in traditional employment settings, especially with the demands of motherhood. Many corporate jobs often lack the flexibility needed to balance work and family life. Long hours, rigid schedules, and limited maternity leave policies can create significant challenges for working mothers. Entrepreneurship offers women the opportunity to create our own schedules and design the work-life balance according to our needs. By being our own bosses, we can set our own hours, work from home if necessary, and adjust the workload to accommodate our children's needs. This level of flexibility gives entrepreneurial mothers the freedom to attend school events, doctor's appointments, and be present during their children's important moments. The perfect dream - easy right? One of those please.

However, as any mother of school children will attest to, (especially in the primary school years), those doctors and dentist appointments only tend to happen in the precious time you have carved out during school hours, the children (or the dog) are almost always sick on the day of an important meeting, and your workday ends at 3pm school pick up with a roster of meal prep and chauffeur duties.

So when exactly is this work meant to happen?

One of the most significant challenges we face as entrepreneurial mothers is managing our time efficiently. Juggling business meetings, conference calls, and deadlines while ensuring our children receive the love and care they deserve is no easy feat. However, with proper planning and organisation, we can create a schedule that accommodates both our professional and personal lives. Utilising time management tools, seeking support from family and friends, and outsourcing certain tasks can all contribute to finding a healthy work-life balance. "Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much." - Helen Keller

Building a strong support network is crucial for entrepreneurial mothers. Surrounding ourselves with like-minded individuals who understand the struggles can provide much-needed encouragement and assistance. Online communities, local networking events, and mentorship programs are invaluable resources for connecting with fellow entrepreneurial mothers. "The measure of intelligence is the ability to change." - Albert Einstein

Flexibility is a vital trait in both entrepreneurship and motherhood. Successful entrepreneurial mothers understand the importance of adapting to ever-changing circumstances. We must embrace the need to be agile and adjust plans as needed, all while keeping the ultimate goals in sight.

It is essential to celebrate achievements, no matter how small, along the entrepreneurial journey. Successful entrepreneurial mothers understand the value of acknowledging both professional milestones and personal victories.

Whether it's landing a significant client or witnessing our child's first steps, these moments deserve recognition and celebration. Combining the roles of entrepreneur and mother is an incredible feat that requires dedication, strength, and a whole lot of heart. With determination, support networks, and a flexible mind-set, women can navigate this challenging path and find fulfilment in both their businesses and their families.

Remember, the struggle they face is real, but so is our unwavering spirit. Let us support and empower each other as we continue to inspire.

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